Why should bibliophiles move to Dubai?



A major reason why so many people are buying different properties like apartments for sale in City walk Dubai is because of the diverse range of groups the city pleases. Given that, if you are a bibliophile moving to Dubai, then we cannot congratulate you enough for this decision. That is because when it comes to satiating the cravings for good literature, book lovers in Dubai are spoilt for choice.

Whether you are into the latest bestsellers or old classics, Dubai would offer you all. Furthermore, there is a huge fancy bookstore to shops crammed with second-hand books. Consequently, if the price of books might get too steep for you, you can still find a lot of small shops selling books at significantly lower prices.


In this blog, we would look at some literary havens Dubai provides.


  1. Magrudy’s, several locations

This a family-run business, that was opened as early as 1975 and therefore it enjoys a loyal customer base now. People come here to get the new bestseller and it is also a delight for people who visit this place for some knowledgeable stuff.


Although, during the starting Magrudy’s was only famous for selling books for kids, their toys and some school supplies. However, now it is known for taking great initiatives as it has tied itself to some of the local schools so that local and international children could start taking interest in reading. Furthermore,  Magrudy’s is also running various book clubs and it also provides platforms for authors to book sing.


Considering the great diversity among the local community,  Magrudy’s has evolved from local children’s book corner to a very wide store with a wide array of literature. Since Magrudy’s has never stopped selling toys, today it is one of the most popular shops with a very large selection of toys, stationery and crafts.


  1. Kinokuniya, Dubai Mall

This is a Japanese book store, which takes pride in having several branches across the world. In Dubai, the Kinokuniya is spread over the expanse of  68,000 sqft and is loaded with nearly half a million books and a lot of great multi-lingual magazines.


Kinokuniya is one of the book stores that can make every literature lover’s heart fill with happiness. That is because just taking one step inside you would be greeted with stacks and stacks of books over every thinkable subject. Furthermore, there is also a Japanese literature section with scores of new novels, scribes and comics.


Another great thing about this book store is that, from time to time, this book store hosts workshops related to, book singings, language learning and comic art demonstration. To sum is it all, Kinokuniya offers everything one can dream of in a book store and if there is any downside, it is because of its massiveness as it takes hours on end to browse through the collections of books here.


  1. Book World, Satwa

This cool and crazy book store is crammed with literary wonders, with floor-to-ceiling loaded with a great range of books. Furthermore, shelves and shelves of books here slide to reveal more books that have a range for nearly every brand new to an old book.


Besides, the variety another trade-worthy thing about this place is that it allows you to refund. This is also a favourite hang-out spot for literature lovers, as not only this place beautifully organized with numerous encyclopedias, it also has shelf space for tarot-reading guides and romance novels.


  1. House of Prose, Jumeirah Plaza

This great book store is owned by a middle-aged American man, named Mike McGinley and the narrative surrounding this bookstore is nearly as intriguing if not more as the prints it has in stock. It took nearly two decades to finally bring this project to completion and one of the biggest advantage it offers over other book store is the variety of prints and the competitive pricing.

In this booming store, almost every book lover finds themselves spoilt for choice, as everything could be found here, from science fiction, self-healing, crime, mystery etc. Furthermore, this store also has a return policy.


Besides, the aforementioned books, Dubai has a number of great book stores to offer, so if you happen to be a book lover, you should get a penthouse for sale in Dubai as soon as possible.