The real estate sector has always been in demand in Dubai. Annually, Millions of Dirhams are spent in Dubai on real estate. From luxurious villas to lavish apartments for sale in Dubai, everything is available to cater to all your needs. Keeping this in mind, we have prepared a guide for you that will shed some light on the tips that will help you out in choosing the best apartment in Dubai in 2021.

Hire A Real Estate Agent That Is Registered Via RERA

If you want to employ a real estate broker to find you an apartment in Dubai, make sure they are RERA licensed. RERA stands for Real Estate Regulatory Authority, and every legitimate real estate dealer must be registered with it. Request the real estate broker’s number and double-check it on RERA’s website to see whether it is registered there or not.

Look For An Apartment Online

You can look at properties for sale online even though your real estate agent is continuing to work on them. Since you know your preferences better than your real estate agent, you stand a better chance of finding the right apartment. You’ll also get an understanding of the price scale of apartments in each neighborhood. Dubai offers a wide range of apartments, from fully furnished to unfurnished. As a result, you have a lot of choices to pick from.

Choose An Apartment That Is Near To Your Daily-To-Go Places

Select an apartment that is close to your daily-to-go places. Staying close to your daily-to-go places will save you money on petrol, even though it is slightly costly. In Dubai, traffic can be very congested much of the time. If you don’t have a vehicle, search for an apartment in a place with convenient access to public transportation. Before you choose an apartment to live in, decide on your mode of transportation.

Make A List Of Things You Want In Your Apartment

This seems to be an easy thing, but it is very crucial. Start making a list of the features you’d like to have in your apartment. If you already own a car, you must include a parking area on your list because it is difficult to find an apartment in Dubai with a separate parking space. If you don’t know what you want in your apartment, you could buy an old apartment in a rush only to discover that it lacks many important features. This can be stopped by the use of a check-list.

Visit The Apartment

Make a visit to the property if you really like the photos you saw online or the pictures your agent showed to you. When things are seen in person, they are not the same as when they are seen in photographs. By doing this, you will also get a brief idea about the area in which you have to live.

Converse With Your Neighbours Regarding Your Apartment

The simplest way to learn about a neighborhood is to speak with the residents in your preferred apartment. It will tell you whether it is appropriate for you or not. Inquire about the security situation and whether there are any precautions to take when staying there. In Dubai, English is widely spoken so do not be concerned with any language gaps as you will not face any difficulty in chatting with anyone.

File Your Rental Agreement With Ejari

To escape legal consequences in Dubai, you must file your rental agreement with Ejari. The occupant is solely responsible for the Ejari paperwork, and neither the owner nor the real estate agent can be held accountable if the tenant fails to comply. However, if you and your owner have conflicts over the lease, you should get legal advice.

Read Your Contract Thoroughly

Read the contract again or until every line is understood. You will not be allowed to change once you make the deal. A penalty will be levied on the owner if they violate the lease in the meantime. The tenant is in the same boat. Tenant protection rights exist as well. A rent rise, for example, should adhere to RERA’s rules.

This is all from our side. We hope that the aforementioned guide will provide you some help in your hunt for an apartment in Dubai. If you are looking for a spacious residential unit for a big family, a lot of villas for sale in Dubai are available ensuring you to provide the luxurious lifestyle that you thrive for.


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